YouTube Introduces A Live Broadcast Feature Of Mobile Screen

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youtube live streaming of mobile screen

Streaming games in smartphones is not too complicated because, there are brands that offer streaming services, such as Twitch. Now, what if you wanted to broadcast live directly to YouTube?

In its constant reduction of services, Google eliminated YouTube Gaming app giving up the possibility of broadcasting the mobile screen live. Now that option comes back to integrate directly into the “normal” YouTube app for Android. Of course, with a but: only channels that have a certain presence on YouTube can broadcast the screen.

If you have a channel of 1000 subscribers or more, then you can now broadcast your games live from YouTube. Make sure, the generic restrictions on live broadcasts are applied. If something quite absurd, hopefully, Google will eliminate this restriction.

If you meet the requirements, you will be able to broadcast your smartphone screen live whenever you want. Before that, you need to fill the data of the broadcast and, when you start it. Then, YouTube will create an overlay layer so you can play and stream the game at the same time. In addition, you have the option of adding your reactions by embedding a small window captured by the smartphone’s front camera.

YouTube wants to take center stage in the transmission of smartphone games with the removal of YouTube Gaming. Of course, Google has a difficult time in the smartphone gaming segment.

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