Xiaomi Pocophone F2: All Leaks And Specifications Till Now

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Pocophone F2 specifications

The Pocophone F1 is undoubtedly an excellent smartphone. It may not have an immediate top-of-the-range appearance. Still, it certainly has a lion’s heart. In practice, it is one of the cheapest smartphones with the Snapdragon 845 chipset that we can buy. Now that about half a year has passed since the launch of the Pocophone F1, Today Xiaomi has put together some of the full specifications that the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 will have.

Pocophone F2, A Notable Successor

At the design level, the external appearance of the PocoPhone F2 may change slightly compared to the previous model. It still continues to keep the price low. Moreover, the display remains full HD and the notch is reduced to water drop shape. From this, there will be no exception.

Pocophone F2 specifications

One can expect this device with 6GB/8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. And this time, Xiaomi will make a jump to Snapdragon 855 chipset. The change in the processor may increase the smartphone efficiency and the cost too.

There is no renders on camera features and the company plans to integrate high-quality lens. At the level of autonomy, Pocophone F1 had an excellent battery of 4000 mAh. This should remain at Pocophone F2. It comes with pre-installed Android Pie with new MIUI interface. Other common features like NFC, Wi-Fi 5.0, fast charging and USB Type-C port.

Anyhow, the features of Pocophone F2 won’t disappoint anyone as it promises on low price.

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