Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Teases Hidden Features With Futuristic Display

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Xiaomi mi mix alpha

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, the smartphone which referred to as Mi MIX 4, will be unveiled on Tuesday. This will eventually be the most hidden smartphone of 2019. The reason is that it will have a unique concept and futuristic design.

Apart from rumors, Mi Mix Alpha will have 100% screen-body ratio that reveals a screen on all sides. The above image shows how the screen bends backward. Right from the start, I have to highlight the Face ID replacement. It also has eSIM functionality and NFC connectivity.

Xiaomi mi mix alpha

The unofficial rumors showed a very curved screen extending to the rear. In the background, there will be a second screen. In other words, this new bet will not be a folding smartphone. However, there may be one. Initially, XDA-Developers said there will be four 108-megapixel camera devices from Xiaomi. This will be one of them.

Mi Mix 4 or Mi Mix Alpha? 

Xiaomi mi mix alpha

Mi Mix Alpha has already been confirmed by Xiaomi. Pretty sure, the Chinese giant has confirmed that both Alpha and Mi 9 Pro will feature 5G connectivity. According to the latest Xiaomi teasers, the new Mi Mix will be referred to as an extremely high body-to-screen ratio, apparently skimming at 100%. That is, the new Mi Mix Alpha will directly compete with the Vivo NEX 3. More often, it is quite difficult to understand the side-view of Mi Mix Alpha.

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