Xiaomi Could Be First To Adopt LCD Displays With Fingerprint Sensors

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Having a fingerprint sensor under the display is a popular trend in today’s smartphone. This is a simple solution that reduces the edges. Meanwhile, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung have already implemented this feature and received a positive response from users.

Now, its Xiaomi turns to launch smartphones under this feature. The fact is, it requires an OLED display and also the manufacturing cost is more. For this sake, Xiaomi plans to integrate fingerprint scanner under LED displays.


Fortsense, a display manufacturer, has submitted several patents that provide LCD panels with an integrated fingerprint sensor. This solution has so far been rejected because it entailed various problems with the display and interaction with it. According to the latest developments, these problems should have been resolved and Xiaomi could integrate this type of display on its products from next year onwards.

The confirmation comes directly from Wang Teng – Product Director of Xiaomi – which includes a smartphone with an LCD display and integrated fingerprint sensor for next year, at a price below Rs.20,000. However, Xiaomi always put an effort to launch an affordable feature phone…

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