xHelper, A New Malware On Android Infected 45000 Smartphones

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xHelper Android malware

xHelper is a new malware that enters the scene infecting Android devices. It is not as dangerous as SimBad but is concerned about the difficulty of eliminating it. In fact, it is reluctant to leave your phone and, if you get it, reinstall on your own.

According to global media, this malware has already infected 45,000 Android devices from users in the United States, India and Russia. It implements a dangerous feature when it is installed for the first time on the smartphone.

xHelper Makes Everyone Headache

xHelper Android malware

This malware does not arrive through Play Store apps but instead takes third-party apps via alternative stores. Once this process is done, it is installed on the smartphone as an independent app with all the permissions to act on the device. However, so far it goes unnoticed by the user as it removes its icon from the home screen or the application drawer.

Then it starts to show spam and advertising constantly so that the user installs apps from Google Play. So far it looks like normal malware but trying to eliminate it gives a lot of headaches. Users who have uninstalled the app manually noticed that it reappears in minutes.

No Solution Found Yet

xHelper Android malware

xHelper can not be removed at the moment or even resetting the factory phone. Users who deleted xHelper and who disabled the third-party apps found the appearance of malware within minutes. Right now, there is no such effective solution to eliminate this malware. But, it became an eternal headache for users with infected devices.

xHelper only attack us with SPAM although its ability to install other apps on our phone is dangerous. Therefore, you have to be very careful with what you install and what origins it comes from. Once if xHelper makes an appearance on your mobile phone, you will have to live with it until a anti-malware is found. And neither Symantec nor Malwarebytes have yet found him. The thing can go for long.

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