Why do iphone videos send blurry to android?


Have you ever noticed that when you send an iPhone video to an Android user, it appears blurry on their end? There’s a reason for this- and it has to do with the different file formats that each phone uses. In this blog post, we will explore why iphone videos appear blurry when sent to an android phone. We will also provide a solution so that you can avoid this issue in the future. Keep reading to learn more!

The Different between iPhone and Android

There are a few key differences between iPhone and Android that can result in videos appearing blurry when sent from one to the other. First, iPhone uses the H.264 codec for video encoding, while Android generally uses MPEG-4. This can cause compatibility issues, as some Android devices may not be able to decode H.264 video properly. Additionally, iPhone videos are typically saved in a much higher resolution than Android videos (1080p vs 720p), meaning that they can appear blurry or pixelated when viewed on a lower-resolution device. Finally, many Android devices employ automatic video compression when sending videos through messaging apps like WhatsApp or MMS, which can further degrade image quality.

How to Avoid Blurry Videos When Sending from iPhone to Android

It can be frustrating when you send a video from your iPhone to your Android friends or family, only to find that the video is blurry on their end. There are a few things you can do to avoid this problem.

First, make sure you are sending the video in the highest quality possible. iPhone videos are typically recorded in HD, so sending in a lower quality will result in a blurry video on an Android device. To send in the highest quality, go to Settings > Messages > Attachments and select the High Quality option.

Second, make sure the video you are sending is not too long. Longer videos tend to be more blurry than shorter ones. If you must send a longer video, consider trimming it down to only the essential footage.

Finally, ask your Android friends or family what size and format they prefer for videos. Different Android devices have different screen sizes and resolutions, so what looks good on one may not look as good on another. If you know their preferred size and format, you can convert your iPhone video accordingly before sending it.


There are a few reasons why iPhone videos might appear blurry when sent to an Android device. First, iPhone videos are recorded in a different file format than Android videos. This can cause compatibility issues that result in the video appearing blurry on the Android device. Second, the resolution of iPhone videos is often higher than the resolution of Android videos, which can also lead to compatibility issues and make the video appear blurry. Finally, different devices have different screen sizes and pixel densities, which can impact how a video appears on each device. If you’re having trouble sending iPhone videos to an Android device without them appearing blurry, try converting the video to a lower resolution or using a different file format.

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