Where to find emergency alerts on android?

These days, we’re always on the go. Whether we’re at work, or out with friends, we can never be too careful. That’s why it’s important to be informed about emergency alerts and know where to find them on your Android phone. There are a few different ways to access emergency alerts on Android, so be sure to check out our blog post for more information. In the meantime, keep your family and friends safe by being informed about the latest alerts!

How to enable emergency alerts on Android

Android devices come equipped with all sorts of features, but one you might not have considered is emergency alerts.

There are actually a few different ways to enable emergency alerts on Android, depending on your device and which app you’re using. Here’s how to do it on each type of Android device:

Quick method: Go to Settings > System > Alerts & Notifications > Emergency Alerts and turn on the switch next to Enable Emergency Alerts. This will activate emergency alerts in most apps that use the system’s alert framework, like the Phone and Email apps.

Advanced method: If you have an older Android phone or tablet that doesn’t have an easily accessible settings menu for emergency alerts, you can enable them by following these steps: On your phone or tablet, open the Settings app. Tap General > About Phone. Under “Build number,” tap 7 times on the right side of the screen (or until you see a “You are now developer mode” message). When you see the “Developer options” screen, tap seven more times on the right side of the screen (or until you see a “Entering developer mode” message). At the bottom of this screen, tap Multimedia > Location Services > Accessibility >Emergency Alerts. To disable emergency alerts, repeat these steps but uncheck Emergency Alerts under Location Services.

There are many different types of emergencies that could require your attention, so don’t wait to activate your Android’s emergency alerts

What types of emergencies will trigger an emergency alert?

Android devices will send out emergency alerts when there is an imminent threat to public safety. These alerts can be sent out through text, email, and Push notifications. There are a few types of emergencies that will trigger an emergency alert: weather emergencies such as a tornado or hurricane, Amber Alerts for missing children, and Presidential Alerts.

When will emergency alerts be sent out?

Emergency alerts will be sent out through local TV and radio stations, as well as the Emergency Alert System (EAS) website. The EAS is a nationwide system that sends emergency alerts to televisions and radio receivers in the United States. People can also sign up for emergency alerts through their smartphone’s Settings app.

How do I disable or delete emergency alerts?

Android has a feature that allows you to disable or delete emergency alerts. To disable emergency alerts:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select System
3. Select Emergency Alerts
4. Tap the toggle next to the alert type you want to disable (e.g., fire, danger, tornado)
5. If you want to delete an emergency alert, select it and press the “X” button at the bottom of the screen

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