Where is my clip tray on my lg android phone?

Have you ever tried to find out where your clip tray is on your LG Android phone? Well, if you have a newer phone, the clip tray may be hidden under the screen. If you have an older phone, the clip tray may be on the side of the phone. In this blog post, we will show you how to find your clip tray on your LG Android phone. We will also show you how to remove and replace the clip tray on your LG Android phone.

How to find your clip tray on an LG Android phone

If you want to see your clip tray on an LG Android phone, first open the Phone app and touch Menu. Then scroll down and touch Settings. Under “General,” click on “About Phone.” On the next page, find the section that says “Build number” and tap it seven times. Afterward, you’ll see a message that reads “You are now a developer.” If you don’t have a build number, your phone is probably not rooted. To root your phone, go to Google Play Store and search for “Root My LG Android Phone.” Once you’ve rooted your phone, return to the About Phone screen and tap on the Build number seven more times. A message will appear that says “Developer profile has been created.” After this message appears, your clip tray should be visible in Settings under General.

How to remove a clip tray

If you’re looking for your clip tray on your LG Android phone, it’s most likely in the lower left-hand corner of the device. To remove it, first find the two small screws at the top and bottom of the tray and unscrew them. then gently pull out the tray.

How to install a clip tray

If you’re looking for your clip tray on your LG Android phone, there are a few different places to find it. Depending on the model of your phone, it may be located near the top or bottom of the device. If you can’t find it, or if it’s broken, you can install a new one yourself.

To install a clip tray on an LG Android phone:

1. Open the phone’s casing and locate the battery compartment.

2. Place your phone face down on a tabletop with its back facing out and remove the battery cover.

3. Carefully remove the single screw that holds the clip in place and set it aside.

4. Locate the tray itself and push down on one end until it clicks into place below the screen. Make sure that it lines up properly with two holes in the side of the device. Screw it in place using the screw that you set aside earlier.

5. Replace the battery cover and screws, then turn your LG Android phone over so that its front is facing out again and reinstall any incoming cables.

Tips for using the clip tray

Android phones come with a clip tray that can hold up to five clips. This is where you can put your phone’s screen protector, earphones, or other small accessories.

To use the clip tray:

1. Open the clip tray by pressing down on one of the sides and then pulling it outwards.

2. Place your phone in the clip tray so that the screen is facing up and the dock connector is facing towards the front of the phone.

3. Push down on one of the other sides of the clip tray until it clicks into place.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for any other accessories you want to store in the clip tray, such as your earphones or a screen protector.

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