Where do deleted files go on android phone?

Every day, we deal with a vast amount of data. Whether that data is personal or professional, we all keep it on our phones in one way or another. But what happens to all that deleted data? Android phones are no exception, and deleting files can actually lead to some pretty weird places. In this article, we’re going to take a look at where deleted files go on Android phones and what you can do to prevent the accidental disclosure of your private information.

What are deleted files on Android?

Deleted files on Android are usually deleted to the Recycle Bin, which is a temporary storage location on your phone. If you accidentally delete something important, you can restore it by using the Android File Recovery app.

How do deleted files behave on Android?

Deleted files on Android behave in a similar way to deleted files on other platforms. They are automatically removed from the filesystem, and any data that was associated with the file is also removed. However, there may be some residual data left on the device if the file was important enough for the user to want to retain it.

How to delete a file on Android

Android phones store deleted files in the phone’s internal storage. You can delete a file by tapping and holding on it, then selecting “Delete” from the menu that pops up.


If you’ve ever deleted something on your android phone and found that later on you couldn’t find it anywhere, then this article is for you. Deleted files are stored in different places depending on the type of device you’re using, so if you want to be sure that those pesky deleted photos or videos aren’t going to crop up again anytime soon, read on to find out where they go!

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