Where are deleted photos on android?

In today’s digital age, it’s practically hard to keep a secret. With social media and photo-sharing services like Instagram, it’s not hard to share your pictures with the world. But what happens when you accidentally delete a picture? Well, if you’re using Android, that picture is likely gone forever. Deleting photos from your Android device is not as simple as pressing a button. And if you don’t want to lose that awesome photo of your friends descending down a water slide at the park, be sure to follow these steps.

What is a deleted photo?

Deleted photos on Android are typically stored in the deleted photos folder. On some devices, deleted photos may also be stored in the trash can.

How to find deleted photos on Android

Deleted photos on Android can be difficult to find.

Typically, deleted photos are moved to the trash bin on your device’s Pictures app. However, if you have deleted a photo from inside an app, it might not show up in the Photos app.

To find deleted photos on Android:
1) Open the Photos app.
2) Swipe left to see all of your pictures.
3) If you deleted a photo from within an app, it might not appear in the Photos app. To find deleted photos that were taken with your phone, open the Camera app and then search for “deleted pics.”

How to recover deleted photos from Android

If you have deleted photos from your Android device, there are a few ways to get them back. One method is to use the Android “Back Up and Restore” feature. This will create a backup of your phone data, including the deleted photos. You can then restore the backup to your phone and view the deleted photos.

Another method is to use an app called Photo Recovery for Android. This app can scan your phone for any missing or corrupt photo files and allow you to recover them.


Deleted photos can be a real pain to deal with on your Android device! In this article, we will discuss where deleted photos are stored on an Android device and how you can recover them. We will also provide some tips on how to prevent deleted photos from happening in the first place.

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