What is the difference between a smartphone and an android phone?

When you think about smartphones, what comes to mind? Maybe the sleek design, the powerful processors, or the fact that they’re always connected. However, the reality is that not all smartphones are created equal. There are two main types of smartphones: Android and iPhone. Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the world, while iPhone is the predominant platform in the United States. If you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, it’s important to know the differences between these platforms so that you make an informed decision. Otherwise, you may end up buying a phone that doesn’t fit your needs or lifestyle.

What is a smartphone?

Smartphones are mobile devices that include a range of features and capabilities including but not limited to: the ability to access the internet, send and receive text messages, make calls, play music, view photos, and use apps. Devices that fall under this category can be considered smartphones if they have an operating system (OS) that is either Android or Apple iOS. Devices running on other operating systems such as Windows Mobile or Symbian may also be considered smartphones, but their functionality will likely be more limited than those using Android or iOS.

While there are many different types of smartphones on the market today, some of the key distinctions between them include their display size and type; how they function with wireless networks; whether they come preloaded with apps; and the amount of storage they offer. Some common features found on all smartphones include camera capabilities, GPS tracking, voice recognition software, and touch screens.

What is an Android phone?

An Android phone is a cell phone that runs the Android operating system. It is a popular choice for those who want an open platform with a large selection of apps and games. A smartphone, on the other hand, is a more compact and expensive model that typically has a higher-quality display and faster processing speed.

Differences between smartphones and android phones

Smartphones are more advanced and feature-rich than android phones. A smartphone usually has a keyboard and a larger screen that is easier to see in direct sunlight than an android phone. Android phones can be programmed with a wider range of applications, but smartphones typically have more robust software and offer a better user experience overall.

Android phones typically don’t require contract services from carriers like iPhones do, but they may offer less customer service if you need it. Smartphones also tend to be more expensive than android phones, although this may change as technology improves.


There is a lot of confusion out there about the differences between smartphones and android phones. So, in this article, we are going to try and clear up some of that confusion. We will discuss what each type of phone is good for, and which one might be better for you based on your needs. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of how these two types of phones work and what benefits they offer.

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