What is the blue dot on my android text messages?

Have you ever wondered what that blue dot on your Android text messages is? It’s probably not a bomb, but it could be sending you unwanted ads. Android devices automatically send text messages to a predefined list of contacts if you have enabled push notifications for that message type. This includes both SMS and MMS messages (text and picture messaging). Android also sends text messages to any number of contacts in your address book who have been added as exceptions to the auto-send list. For example, if you add your boss as an exception, Android will not send him/her a notification about new messages until he or she manually accepts the message.

What is the Blue Dot Messaging?

The Blue Dot Messaging is a messaging service that sends notifications to your device when you receive a message, reply to a message, or when the chat session is terminated. The Blue Dot gives you a quick snapshot of what’s going on with your conversation so you’re always in the know.

How to Enable Blue Dot Messaging on Android Phones

Android phones come with the ability to see blue dots next to messages that have been sent and received. This feature is known as “blue dot messaging.” Blue dot messaging can be enabled on most Android devices by going to Settings > Phone > Text Messaging and selecting the “enable blue dot” option. Once blue dot messaging is enabled, all text messages that are sent and received will have a blue dot next to them.

How to Use Blue Dot Messaging

When you receive a text message on your Android device, the blue dot will appear in the top-left corner of the screen. This indicates that the text message is being sent in real-time and is not filtered or delayed.

What are the Benefits of Using Blue Dot Messaging?

Benefits of Using Blue Dot Messaging

There are a number of benefits to using blue dot messaging, including the ability to:
-Quickly reply to messages
-Stay organized and easily see who is messageing you
-Quickly find messages you’ve sent or received
-Customize your notifications for when new messages arrive

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