What does star message mean on android?

How do you make your Android apps stand out from the crowd? One way is by using star ratings and other positive feedback mechanisms to give your users a sense of how great your app is. What is star rating? Star rating is a mechanism for assigning ratings to user-generated content, such as reviews or comments. A star rating system typically awards one or more stars to each rating, with 5 being the highest. How does star rating work on Android? To use star rating on Android, you first need to enable it in the Google Play settings: open Settings > Apps > Manage applications, select an app, and enable “Show ratings and reviews.” From then on, when a user rates or comments on the app, the rating and comment will be shown with stars (or other appropriate icons).

What is a Star Message?

A star message is a notification that indicates that there is a new message waiting for you in your inbox on your Android device. When you receive a star message, the icon will turn from a simple white dot to a lightbulb with an orange glow, and the name of the sender will be displayed along with the time stamp.

How to Enable and Use Star Messages on Android

If you’re using Android, you might have noticed that the app has a feature called “star messages.” Star messages is a way for people to send each other short, simple messages.

Star messages is enabled by default on Android, but it’s not always easy to use. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable and use star messages on your Android phone.

Tips for Using Star Messages

When you send a star message, your phone will flag it as important and show it in the messages list. You can easily reply to a star message by selecting it and tapping on thereply button. When you reply to a star message, your phone will highlight the text with a bluestar and add bubbles to make sure everyone can see who you’re responding to.


If you’ve ever used an Android phone and seen a star next to a message in your chat, then you’re familiar with the ‘star’ feature. When you receive a message that’s important, you can tap on the star to open up the conversation right away. If someone sends you a link or an attachment, you’ll see a three-dot icon over the message. You can tap on it to open it up in another app or save it to your device for later.

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