What android version is 5.1.1?

Recently, there have been a lot of reports about Sprint’s network being slow and a lot of people are facing issues with their Android devices. If you’re one of these people, you might be wondering which android version is 5.1.1. In this article, we will answer this question and more related to it. We will also provide instructions on how to check your android version and fixes for some common problems associated with it. So whether you’re trying to figure out which Android update is right for you or just want to know what the latest version is, read on!

What is Android 5.1.1?

Android 5.1.1 is the newest update to Google’s Android OS and it was released on November 17th, 2016. This update includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Some of the most significant changes in this update include:

-Security enhancements including improved security against threats such as ransomware and phishing
-New Easter eggs including a hidden game and new wallpapers
-Performance enhancements including faster loading times and reduced battery usage

What are the changes in this update?

In this update, we’ve made some changes to how your account is managed. You’ll now be able to sign out of your account and export your data more easily. We’ve also fixed some smaller issues.

How to install Android 5.1.1 on your device?

Android 5.1.1 is a minor update to the Android OS and is released to improve the user experience. If you have not updated your phone to this version yet, now is a good time as there are no major changes with this update. Keep in mind that if you have an older phone that does not support Android 5.1, you will not be able to install this update and will need to wait for a later release.

To upgrade your device, follow these steps:

1) Go to Settings on your phone and select “System updates”.
2) Select “Get updates…” and choose “OTA (over the air)” from the available options.
3) Your phone will check for and install any available updates.
4) Once the update is complete, select “Restart now” or “Reboot”.
5) When your device restarts, go back into System updates and select “Update.” You may see several options including “Android 5.1.1.” If so, select it and your phone will start downloading and installing the update.

What are the benefits of updating to Android 5.1.1?

Android 5.1.1 is a minor update to the Android OS that was released in November of last year and offers some improvements and bug fixes over the previous version, Android 5.1.

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