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Top 5 Snapdragon 865 Phones In India

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is the flagship smartphone chipset featuring the highest performance and support for fifth-generation networks. It is equipped with the latest Cortex A77 cores as part of the CPU, an Adreno 650 GPU, and a memory controller with support for LPDDR5 chips. Smartphone manufacturers have already presented their devices based on this chip, over time their list will expand.

Today, we come up with the list of top 5 Snapdragon 865 phones in India that are sold or will soon be sold. These are expensive devices for those who like the latest innovations in the world of technology, but there are relatively affordable gadgets on the list. You can familiarize yourself with them in more detail below.

1) Xiaomi Mi 10 – An Affordable Flagship

Snapdragon 865 phones in india

Xiaomi Mi 10 is the best smartphone on the Snapdragon 865 in terms of price and performance. This is the most affordable device on the list as it costs nearly Rs.42,000. At this cost, you will receive a 6.67 “curved screen with a small hole and a fingerprint scanner. As well as support for a refresh rate of 90 Hz, from 8/128 to 12/256 GB of memory and a 4780 mAh battery. It supports wired fast charging, it can recharge wirelessly and be used as a wireless external battery.

The main camera has a record resolution of 108 megapixels and supports stabilization, and auxiliary matrixes have been simplified. The device uses a wide-angle module of 13 megapixels, as well as a macro sensor and a depth sensor of 2 megapixels. The front-mounted selfie camera comes with 20 megapixels. Among other features of the device, it is worth highlighting stereo speakers and an infrared port.

2) Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro – A powerful camera phone

Snapdragon 865 phones in india

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is an improved version of the flagship Xiaomi, which received the same Snapdragon 865 chipset, but a more advanced filling. The screen remained unchanged, but the maximum memory capacity was increased to 12/512 GB. However, its battery capacity was reduced to 4500 mAh, but fast-charging power increased from 30 to 50 watts.

The main improvements to the device were its cameras. The main sensor has not changed but received support for laser autofocus. The wide-angle module increased from 13 to 20 megapixels, instead of the macro module, a 12-megapixel portrait camera with x2 zoom is used. And for an even closer approach, an 8-megapixel sensor with hybrid zoom up to x10 is installed. Compare to its previous version, it costs Rs.10,000 more.

3) Sony Xperia 1 II – Exotic for connoisseurs

Snapdragon 865 phones in india

Sony smartphones for connoisseurs of exotic not included in the list of the topmost, but they have something to attract attention. Snapdragon 865 is not the only interesting Sony Xperia 1 II. It is equipped with a 6.5 “screen with close to cinematic proportions of 21: 9 and 4K resolution (3840×1644). The device also has 8/256 GB of expandable memory and is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery that supports fast and wireless charging.

When creating the photographic part of the smartphone, Sony used a new 12-megapixel matrix with dimensions of 1 / 1.7 “as the main module, as well as 2 sensors with the same resolution for zoom and wide-angle lenses. In addition to them, the 3D ToF module is installed at 0, 3-megapixel Cameras are equipped with OIS and optics developed by Zeiss. The device looks really interesting, especially considering the powerful Snapdragon 865 chipset, but the price of about Rs.54,999 will not suit everyone.

4) LG V60 ThinQ 5G – A Stand Alone Flagship

Snapdragon 865 phones in india

LG V60 ThinQ 5G – the flagship smartphone on the Snapdragon 865, presented just the other day. At first glance, it doesn’t receive any outstanding features, except for the latest chipset. The device’s screen is a traditional FullHD +, with proportions of 20.5: 9 and a diagonal of 6.5 “, memory onboard 8/128 GB with expandability. But the battery pleases with a capacity of 5000 mAh, support for fast and wireless charging. This combination provides a decent device by flagship standards autonomy.

The main camera has a resolution of 64 megapixels and is equipped with stabilization, the auxiliary camera is wide-angle at 13 megapixels. There is also a ToF 3D sensor for three-dimensional images. Traditionally, for LG there is a system of 4 good microphones and an ADC for recording audio in a resolution of 24 bit / 192 Hz. There are stereo speakers with surround enhancement features. In addition, it is worth noting a case with an additional screen that turns the device into a kind of folding device like Galaxy Fold.

5) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Limitless Powerful Flagship

Snapdragon 865 phones in india

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a smartphone that runs on the Exynos 990 chipset for the European market, but also available on Qualcomm 865 in India. In addition to having a chip that is more powerful than Exynos, such devices are less expensive than in official stores. The device is equipped with a 6.9-inch 3K screen with variable resolution and a frequency of up to 120 Hz, up to 16/512 GB of memory with an expandable. Its 5000 mAh battery with support for fast and wireless charging (it can work as a bank).

The main camera has a resolution of 108 megapixels, zoom (up to x10 zoom) – 48 megapixels, wide-angle (with video stabilization) – 12 megapixels, 3D ToF sensor – 0.3 megapixels. Front-mounted 40-megapixel matrix. If we discard the unpleasant nuance in the form of a biting price – the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the best smartphone on the Snapdragon 865 on the list and generally on the market.

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