Top 5 Best Summer Educational Apps to Keep Kids Engaged All Day

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Summer is already here and I am sure the summer vacations have begun for most of us. Summers are one of the best seasons round the world as one can not only relish on some Ben & Jerry’s ice creams or have fun with friends on the beach, but also engage into interesting outdoor and indoor extra curricular activities. But many a times the scorching afternoon heat of summers can bog you down and you may not feel like going out or there may be a day when you don’t feel like swimming on the beach. Nevertheless that is not a reason to stop having fun and learn. A great way to utilize that time in learning something new and enhancing your creative skill is to learn through educational apps and websites!

Top 5 Summer Educational Apps

I am sure most of us have a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop at home. Why not use them for learning something interesting, instead of playing those boring old games. Isn’t it a  great idea? All you have to do is lie down on your comfy couch at home or on the mat on the beach enjoying the cool breeze and check out the top 5 Summer Educational  Apps that will make your Summer vacations like never before.


Tired of playing the same old NFS and Counter Strike? Why not play a game that not only enhances your geography but is a whole lot of fun?! GeoGuessr is a geographic discovery educational game which enables you to explore the world  through an exciting quiz. All you have to do is guess the locations of a series of random Street View images. To make your life a little easy, you have certain clues such as landscapes around, cars and street signs on local Google map place where you think the Street View image was taken. The closer you guess to the actual location, the more points you win.


Sciencebob is a very interesting science website for young enthusiasts who like to experiment and see the magic of science in real life. The site contains instructions for a variety of science related projects, and experiments and also answers questions. The website also offers videos by Science Bob and the ‘Research Help’ button provides links to information for in depth knowledge of science. It is a great website for teachers, kids and parents to look at together and have some fun at home and in the classroom. Kids but make sure you have an adult with you while your perform any experiments at home.


Codecademy is a great starter app for those always wanted to learn coding and to make websites. It is a user-friendly and innovative tool that introduces kids to the world of computer programming languages, JavaScript, HTML and CSS which can be used to create web apps, websites and games. The interactive exercises  organized into lessons is a great resource for enhancing children’s problem solving skills and learning to code like pro. This smart program explains commands and provides live guidance and feedback while kids practice them. Go on with it and boast self made websites to your friends.

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

Since our childhood we all have been encouraged to write but most of us are fearful of it or find difficult in expressing while writing. There are however many young writers who see a dream of writing a book one day. If you want to write a book, this Writers Program is for you. NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program is n interactive website where kids can get a whole lot of encouragement, advice and training on how to complete a novel in 30 days. Set up as a challenge, the kids need to fulfill a word count decided before. The main point is to let the words flow. With this great app, the kids can not only improve their writing skills, work on the structure and quality but also discuss and get their queries answered through Resources and FAQ tab. If you feel you are not much of a writer yet, log onto this site, you will be one day.

Animoto Videomaker

Animoto is an easy to use slideshow maker that connects to the Animoto website. With this teens can make 30 second slideshows through pictures and video clips and share it via emails, text messages, or social media networks. Animoto is a widely popular and engaging tool to have some fun at home and in the classroom.


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