Top 5 Apps to Test Hardware on Android in 2019

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If you are using an Android smartphone, and want to see the performance of your phone tested, there are a various application available in the market for you to test hardware. These apps are also used for checking the health of your Android device, you can make sure that your Android device is working properly or not. It is always a good job to check your Android device, as performance can always change depending on the health of your hardware. In this article, we will discuss such apps which will help you to test our hardware on Android devices.

top apps to check hardware on android

Top 5 Apps to Test Hardware on Android Devices:

We have listed down the top 5 apps which you can use to test hardware on Android devices. Read the complete details about these applications before installing them in your Android devices.

  1. Phone Tester:

Phone Tester is a much-needed application which is having periods range of hardware tests. Basically, you can find each and every type of hardware testing which includes sensor testing and various other types of testing. Select on any option available in the application to get the complete hardware information, you can also use them to check the hardware of your Android phone and its performance. You can test this following hardware, GPS status, multi-touch, network signal, Wi-Fi, sensors and you can also access system information.

This application is having two versions, you can either go for the free version which is having an annoying number of ads. You can use the pro version, although for just removing ads is not good enough to be purchasing the pro mode. In case you are interested in this application then you can always download it from the link provided below of this article.

Download Link>> Phone Tester.

  1. Phone Doctor Plus:

Phone Doctor Plus is developed by iDea Mobile Tech Inc. and it is considered as one of the best hardware testing application available for Android devices. This application provides you with 25 tests which can be used for testing the hardware of your Android smartphone. The tests are divided into various categories, inner hardware, wireless, outer hardware, storage, network information, battery, and CPU.

Select any of the tests on your Android smartphone and it will instantly scan for the full information, all you need to allow this application with several permissions before it can work properly on your Android device. Although this application is not the complete pack of hardware testing application. Share the hardware test information in social media applications on with others directly from the application. Application is available for free and does not have any annoying ads. Download this application from the link provided below of this article.

Download Link>> Phone Doctor Plus.

  1. Dead Pixels Test and Fix:

Dead pixels are one of the biggest hardware issues which can happen to any smartphone devices, in order to check this issue, you can use Dead Pixels Test and Fix app. This app scans the display of your smartphone device and tries to identify the dead pixels which are available in your display. It will take a few moments to scan the dead pixels on your Android smartphones, this application is also having a procedure for fixing the dead pixels by refreshing them.

There are various kinds of display issues which can happen on your Android device, a device can have partial subpixel defects, dark and bright dot defects, stuck sub-pixels, dead pixels and various other kinds of display issues. Most of the display issues can be fixed by this application, although there are various critical pixel damages which are caused by the hardware defect cannot be fixed using the application. To fix this critical pixel damages you need to visit the Android device service center. Although you can always use this app for testing display issues, download the app from the link provided below.

Download Link>> Dead Pixels Test and Fix.

  1. Sensor Box:

If you want to test sensors specifically on your Android Devices then Sensor Box app is the one for you. An android device having various sensors, which need to be checked for their performance. Note that not all the sensors are available for every Android device before you check any sensor on your Android device you need to make sure that a particular sensor is available in your Android device. Few of the sensor tests all only specific to the flagship devices, there are no other hardware test options available in this application.

Although the application is also having a separate section where you can test the flashlight off the device along with memory information. If you are specifically willing to test your smartphone sensors, then this application will be one of the best you can find for Android devices. Install the application from the link provided below.

Download Link>> Sensor Box.

  1. AccuBattery:

AccuBattery is one of the most famous hardware testing application available for Android devices. This application is having more than 10,00,000 downloads on the Android native app store. Every smartphone user are having concerns about the battery health, this application will help you to check the battery health and performance of your Android device. This application is much helpful for monitoring the battery health in case you are using any old version of the Android device. Nowadays most of the Android Smartphone manufacturers are providing inbuilt device health application for their customers.

By using AccuBattery you can check your battery health along with the information about the present battery condition. You can also get the information about discharging speed and the battery consumed by every application. If you are using Android 9.0 Pie version then you will be having default application called Digital Wellbeing, which provides the similar functions of this application. But if you are running an older version of the Android smartphone, then we will recommend you to download this application from the link provided below of this article

Download Link>> AccuBattery.

Last Words:

Nowadays the majority of us are using Android smartphones, although not every Android smartphone has similar hardware. In case you are facing any performance issue, then you should always test your Android smartphone hardware by using applications. We have gathered various information about hardware testing application for Android devices and posted them in this article for you. Share this useful article with other Android users, so that we can use this application for testing their hardware and performance in their Android devices.

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