TikTok’s Parent Company Is Reportedly Making a Smartphone

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There are several reports available on the internet about the TikTok’s parent company is launching in music streaming service which is similar to the Spotify and other music streaming services. ByteDance is also making a smartphone which was first reported by The Financial Times. The smartphone will be coming with pre-loaded ByteDance apps along with various other applications like Jinri Toutiao, TikTok and the music streaming service application by the company. The CEO of the ByteDance, Zhang Yiming has stated that their thinking about manufacturing smartphone which will be having their pre-loaded applications.

Although there are several questions arises about the decision by the ByteDance, in the competitive smartphone market, new smartphones will have to struggle. US government has already started banning Chinese companies, it will be difficult to gain profit from the smartphone business while the US-China trade war is continuously going on. ByteDance is collaborating with the smartphone maker Smartisan and also hired several employees and patent folio. Earlier this year the deal between Smartisan and ByteDance was reported to be exploring the education business.

Although it is great to have a deal with Smartisan when the company is thinking about manufacturing its own smartphone. Just like various Chinese smartphones available in the market, ByteDance good also is successful in the smartphone business. Nowadays most of the smartphone market is about providing better specs with low price. Although we should also keep in mind that, companies like Amazon have also manufactured their own devices which were having pre-installed applications, but later it failed and the smartphone business was stopped by Amazon.



Although ByteDance is having a great relationship in India with their various applications, recently their application TikTok was banned by the Indian Government and later on the ban lifted. There is no reports or leaks about the specification of the device, and even no render leaks has been found in the internet software. Although the company has teased its upcoming smartphone device with bezel-less display, latest the device in the 3D glitch. As most of the smartphone users which are manufactured by China are used in China and India mostly.

Even though the security risk about Chinese Technology, has been banned and accused in various countries. The company is mainly manufacturing the smartphone device for promoting their applications, as the applications will be available as pre-installed. Although there is no confirmation about when the smartphone device by ByteDance will be available in the market. In case the actually releases the smartphone device, then will you be interested in buying a smartphone device from ByteDance?.

ByteDance has to compete against several Chinese smartphone devices, who are bringing power full specification with a budget-friendly price. ByteDance was not even confirmed about the operating system of the upcoming smartphone device, it may be coming with the Android operating system with bloatware. Most likely that devices will not come with stock Android, but you will most likely see the Google services application support in the smartphone device.

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