TikTok Ban in India, Govt asks Google and Apple to remove TikTok from App Stores

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Government of India has asked Google and Apple to take down popular short-video app TikTok from Play Store and App Store respectively. The order by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeITY) reportedly comes just a day after the Supreme Court refused to stay the order of Madras High Court asking the Centre to ban the viral app.

TikTok is a very popular app video sharing app which has over 0.5 billion users, among which 119 million users are from India. Majority of them young children and teenagers. Using Tiktok, user can make short videos of 15 seconds and share them over social media.

Tiktok ban in India

But the reason for the Tiktok ban is that it was allegedly allowing ‘pornographic’ and ‘sleazy’ content to propagate, especially among its younger audience. Last week, TikTok owner ByteDance said that it had removed over 6 million videos that violated its terms of use and community guidelines.

TikTok India’s statement on the Madras HC directive,

“We welcome the decision of the Madras High Court to appoint Arvind Datar as Amicus Curae (independent counsel) to the court. We have faith in the Indian judicial system and we are optimistic about an outcome that would be well received by over 120 million monthly active users in India, who continue using TikTok to showcase their creativity and capture moments that matter in their everyday lives.”

Is “TikTok Ban in India” a Perfect Solution?

Keeping the complete Ban on any App or Game in this digital world is next to impossible. Yes, you can get some control over the usage of it. Now, as per order, Google and Apple will remove the app from Play Store and App Store respectively. This will stop from getting the new users into the app system. As the existing users can freely use the app, as there is no official statement on the usage of the App. Ultimately, this ban can just get the number of downloads down to some extent.

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