Telegram Updated With Silent Messages And Slow Mode Features

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Telegram received more updates than any other social networks this year. The platform itself innovating with great features every month. Now, Telegram comes with some more features considering user choice…..Imagine that you want to send a message to someone, but it’s 3 AM in the morning. You know he’ll be sleeping and you still need to tell him something but you don’t want him to get out of sleep. So, for those people, here’s a new feature called Silent messages.

Sending silent messages can be seen only when other people enter Telegram. To send the silent messages, you just have to update the Telegram application to version 5.10.0. Then, write the message and press and hold the send button. A text called ” Send without sound ” will appear. Just release the send button and press on the message: the recipient will receive the shipment without ringing or vibrating the mobile. Yes, the notification will appear.

In addition to the silent messages Telegram has introduced the following changes in the Android application:

  • Slow mode in groups: Admins can mark the timeout for group users.
  • Pseudonyms for group admins: The “admins” have the option of putting on a nickname; which will appear next to the username, in each message.
  • Timestamps for videos: Now send videos specifying particular scenes.
  • Emoji characters: Telegram has animated and made great with Emoji stickers.
  • New attachment menu: Now send the attachments without compression.

As always, update the Telegram from Google Play Store and enjoy all the features.

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