Telegram Is Now Updated With Scheduled Messages And Custom Themes

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Telegram Update

Telegram, one of the popular instant messaging app, received a new update with a twist that nobody had thought. Like every update, the same thing is repeated with the version of Telegram 5.11. Now the game-changing feature is a “Message scheduling” with new privacy options and an easier cloud theme maker.

Scheduled Messages

The major news of Telegram 5.11 is the scheduled messages that allow a user to store and send messages at a specific time. To send them it is necessary to make a long touch on the send button and choose Schedule message. After scheduling a message, it stays within Reminders in the chat itself, accessible from an icon next to the send button. Meanwhile, the scheduled message can be re-writable or re-edit before it sends.

Telegram Update

Mono Theme

Telegram has the most complex theme editors of messaging apps, and in the latest version, the user can create custom themes. For example, Mono theme, it is a theme based on a single color. Thus, after choosing the Mono theme in the settings, one can easily customize the colors. Pretty sure, the customized themes can also be shared via links.

Telegram Update

More Privacy

The latest update includes more privacy settings. It is now possible to hide your phone number from around the world. To do this you must choose “Nobody” in Who can see my number? , in the privacy settings. This enables a new section of settings where you can also restrict who can find you from your phone number, choosing between All or My contacts.

Telegram Update

Other Changes

Telegram doesn’t stop with this. Now, iOS users are able to see a single menu with forward, copy and reply options. In addition, new animated emojis have been added, specifically 😁, 😧, 😡, 💩, 😢 and 😮.

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