Sprint Finally Launches 5G Network, Now Available to Four U.S. Cities

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Most of the major Smartphone manufacturers are trying to provide reliable 5G smartphones. There are several service network providers who are continuously trying to provide a 5G network to their customers. Sprint is one of such service network providers, who will be developing the 5G network. Previously two service network providers are already trying to offer 5G network in the U.S., those networks are AT&T and Verizon. Recently Sprint has also joined the list of service network providers who will be offering lightning speed 5G network, so now there are three service network providers who have entered the 5G bandwagon.

The 5G network is slowly rolled out to various regions, currently, sprint is providing 5G network services in four cities located in the U.S. Although sprint is not the first network provider who work offering 5G network in the country, AT&T and Verizon have already rolled out their 5G services to their customers. The four U.S. cities where the sprint is providing 5G network are Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City. Sprint hills providing 5G network along with an exclusive smartphone LG’s V50 ThinQ 5G. This Smartphone device is available for sale at the retail price of $1,152.

Sprint is also selling HTC’s 5G Hub, it is basically a mobile hotspot by which you can connect your smartphone device with the 5G network using Wi-Fi connection. HTC’s 5G Hub device is available at the retail price of $600. You can purchase these devices on 31st May, you need to purchase from the sprint in order to receive the advantage of lightning speed 5G network service. Although most of you may be wondering about the networks cost a 5G provided by Sprint. The subscribers who will go for the Sprint’s unlimited premium data plan, they will have to pay $80 per month.

This package is the most expensive on which is provided for 5G subscribers in the Sprint network. Another subscription is provided by the sprint as unlimited premium line, if you opt for this package then you have to pay $60 per month. In case you want to add an extra line to your subscription package in sprint network for 5G, then you have to pay $20 extra per month. These unlimited premium plans are having 5G data which will be available for free to the Sprint customers. Sprint is using a different kind of technical aspects in order to provide a 5G network to their customers, which is predicted to be one of the more which can be in a huge advantage for the company.

As Verizon and AT&T using the millimeter wave Technology, basically you will be getting late in first data speed which can cross 1Gbps. Although the coverage by this network can be area specific, whereas sprint is using 2.5Ghz spectrum and augmenting LTE coverage using the massive MIMO antennas. These antennas are having a wide range of coverage compared to two-millimeter wave Technology. As a conclusion, the Sprint 5G network will be having larger coverage compared to other network service providers who are rolling out 5G to their customers.

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