Spotify Reaches The Milestone Of 100 Million Paid Users

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Spotify 100 million paid users

Spotify has reached the historic milestone of the first 100 million Premium users (paid) app. Currently, Spotify has 217 Million active users and over half of the users are using a paid version. Moreover, the company launched just a couple of months ago in India and has now reached 2 million users.

Despite huge growth in subscribers, Spotify is not happy with the profits, as lower than those recorded in the last quarter of 2018. The reasons would lie in the bonuses paid to employees as a result of the growth in shares.

Spotify analytics 2019

Spotify, therefore, continues its expansion work on the markets: about its strategy based on the development of podcasts, which cost less than the classic musical contents, and on promotional campaigns. For further information and details on the financial report of Spotify 2019, please refer to the complete document in this link.

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