Snapchat Employees Have Been Spying Your Private Snaps

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Snapchat Employees Spying User Data

Although the messages and videos that are sent by Snapchat disappear after being read, it does not mean that this content is secure against prying eyes. According to the Motherboard site, this data is stored on the Snapchat servers. Even if it is for a brief period of time! It is said that some Snap employees used a special tool to access this content.

Snapchat Is Under Watchful Eye Of Users

Through a tool called SnapLion, designed to help authorities access information from Snapchat accounts, some Snap employees were able to access customer data. Snapshots that have not yet been deleted, location data, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers were allegedly and illegally seen by people working for the company. These allegations were made by former Snap employees.

Snapchat Employees Spying User Data

However, not all company employees use the SnapLion tool illegally. It is only used by the Snapchat security team. The idea is to find people who create abusive posts that intimidate, harass or spam other members. Snapchat checks who uses the tool. But, apparently, this is not a perfect system. At least, according to a former employee. Another person who used to work for Snap said that having access to SnapLion was like having “the keys to the kingdom.”

However, there are also employees who do not admit that the SnapLion tool has been used. In addition, they also mention that the company has a “good system” to prevent such things from occurring. By the way, now Snap issued a statement claiming to keep only a small amount of user data. However, social users feel insecure these days.

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