Snapchat Cameos Will Edit Your Face Into Meme Videos

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This Christmas, Snapchat offers a new feature called Cameos that promises to revolutionize the messages. Cameos is a kind of small video or Gif with sound in which your face will be animated. For this, Snapchat uses augmented reality and its extensive knowledge of facial recognition.

Trim And Attach Your Face 

This new cameos feature is not available to everyone. It is in a limited way and anchored to small videos or Gifs with sound. The process is very simple. At first, snapchat will scan your face, once selected the Cameo option will trim the face and apply it to any of the predefined scenes.

At the outset, Snapchat Cameos will come with about 150 videos in various categories. Its themes are very diverse: from animated cats to people devouring food. There are a lot of comic situations where many emotions and habitual situations stand out.

To make use of Snapchat Cameos you just have to follow the above steps:

  1. Start a new chat session with a contact,
  2. Press the emoji icon.
  3. Select the Cameos function
  4. Choose a video and take a selfie
  5. Your face appears in the animated video

It will automatically animate your face according to the chosen video. Also, it is possible that one can share cameos with others. Although the feature is already active, the Cameos are limited to France. We have tried to access them with a French VPN, but it made us impossible. More often, Snapchat will release this feature this week (December 18).

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