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10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Charging Slowly

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Smartphone devices usually take some amount of time for charging the battery completely. Nowadays most of the smartphones are having a USB type C charging port, which is much faster compared to the older version of USB ports. Even with all is technological advancement your smartphone battery can still charge slowly due to several reasons.

Smartphone devices are used in every part of our life, and smartphone taking too much time for charging can cause a problem. Before you proceed to eliminate the causes, you need to know the reasons behind it. In order to fix the slow charging issue, we need to analyze a few things which are much needed nowadays. In this article, we will discuss the reasons which can cause your smartphone battery to charge slow.

Major Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Charging Slowly

Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Charging Slowly

These are the major reasons for the slow charging issue happening on your smartphone device. Read the reasons carefully for eliminating the issue which could be causing the slow charging problem.

1) Damaged Charging Cable

The first reason for the slow charging issue maybe the damaged charging cable. This could happen due to the wear and tear of the USB cable through daily usage. Most of the cases charging cables are not packed properly while traveling or even it is not kept properly. Even daily shoving the push unit into the device can also damage the charging cable. In this case, you can always change the USB cable for solving the issue. You can either go for the original charging cable or there are several cheap versions of the USB cables available in the market as well. A few of the cases you can also see that tables are not speaking properly to the phone which can also be a cause of damaged cable.

2) Bad Power Outlet

There are two different ways to charge your device, you can either use the basic power outlet or use the PC. You are connecting your device with PC then it will definitely charge slowly. You are using the USB 3.0 port it will still have the standard energy output of .9A. In case you are using a wall socket then most likely your device is not getting enough power from it. It is recommended to change the socket or try in different locations to check the variation. Even wireless charging can cause a serious problem which is nothing to do with your device. In this scenario you need to change the outlet are the output medium to solve the issue.

3) Poor Adapter

The adaptor which you are using for charging your device can also get damaged after a certain period. The surge in the electricity can also damage the adaptor which is nothing to do with the device. The adaptor is designed specifically to protect your device from getting damaged from irregular electricity exchange. In case your adaptor is not working properly then you can always change the adaptor just like the charging cable. Even adaptors are available in both the original version of the cheaper version in the market. But it is always recommended to go for the original version in order to avoid further complexity.

4) Out of Date Device

Also, your device can be out of date and you need to upgrade your device to the new variant. Old devices do not have any support for rapid charging which is internally depending on the processor used in it. So, it is difficult to compare the charging time with the new devices. In case you are using the old version of the device then it is recommended to purchase a new one to avoid the issue. Most of the devices are designed for running for a specific amount of time, so electronic devices need to be replaced with the new version eventually.

5) Damaged Battery

In a few of the cases, your device might have damaged battery which can be also a reason for slow charging. You need to check online for similar issues on your device model used by other users. In case the manufacturer has provided faulty batteries then they will replace them for free. Although the new version of the devices does not offer a user-replaceable battery is which needed to be replaced from service centers.

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6) User’s Fault

Over usage of the device can also be one of the main reasons for the slow charging issue. The majority of the users use their device while charging cable is on the device. It is highly recommended to keep the device as it is while charging to avoid the slow charging issue.

7) Background Apps

Most of the apps which you have installed in your device can be using the battery continuously in the background. You need to check the app management of your device to avoid this issue. Only allow important apps to run on the background and restrict others to decrease the chance of battery drainage.

8) Obstructed USB Port

The USB port of your device can also get obstructed from where is dust and other things available in your pocket. You need to check the port to confirm the obstruction is happening or not.

9) Damaged USB Port

If the over usage of the USB port is happening then your USB port makes it damaged. in that case, you need to go for repair in the service center to fix this issue.

10) Corroded USB Port

Your USB port can also get forwarded due to the humidity and sweat. This is one of the unusual problems which can cause damage to the hardware. You need to clear the corrosion from the service center in order to avoid causing any larger issues.

Last Words

Before your battery gets damaged, you need the situation carefully in order to avoid permanent damage. We have collected complete information from online research and various experts and posted them in this article for you. Share this important article with others, so that they get to fix the slow charging issue in their smartphone.

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