Samsung Patents An Incredible Smartphone With Three Screens

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Samsung Galaxy

In the world of smartphones, innovation never stops. Smartphones with curved and bezel-less displays are expired. Now the biggest trend is Foldable Smartphone. Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold and now ready to launch Galaxy Z Flip. Despite this innovation, Samsung patents an incredible technology with three screens.

The new patent reveals a smartphone in which the ends are rounded. Pretty sure, the main display is divided into three parts. The upper and lower edge screens are in practice as virtual buttons. It is quite similar to the secondary screen of LG V20. Based on the registered patent by the Korean company with the USPTO, Let’s Go Digital created the above images. The patent was validated on January 23, 2020.

This smartphone is interesting for two reasons…

Samsung Galaxy

The first is the shape of the upper and lower screens. They appear in an arc. In addition, the touchscreen appears to extend into the curved parts as if there was no separation between the panels. In fact, it was a good trick on the part of Samsung. The panel is thus divided into three parts, as mentioned. The middle one is rectangular and a classic screen. The top and bottom are round.

However, these screens work together but do not have the same function. If the main panel guarantees the classic mode of operation, the other two show notifications. They also have virtual keys and context shortcuts according to the needs of the applications.

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