Samsung Patents A New Smartphone With Vertical Fold-Screen

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Samsung Fold 2

Samsung presented a series of innovations in its developer conference. And among the announcements, the Samsung team showed the new concept of mobile with a folding screen that the brand has in mind.

Leaving aside the Galaxy Fold, this new concept is a mobile device that has a horizontal fold, as you see in the images. It follows the same style as the old folding phones, but here we are talking about the whole screen. The design is almost similar to the Motorola Razr Fold device. Watch the video that illustrates the smartphone with a vertical fold.

When the device is folded, the content we are seeing adapts to the new screen size. So that it can be displayed without problems. Thanks to the new responsive feature presented by the One UI 2 interface.

Samsung has not given more details, nor mentioned if it is proposed to develop this folding device in the near future. It was only a fleeting presentation to show that they are still interested in developing this concept. And that the features of the new version of One UI are designed for different types of devices.

What we’ve seen is just a passing trend that would become the new project of other brands. Xiaomi, Huawei and Motorola are others who have dared to work on their own folding mobile concepts.

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