Samsung Patents A Futuristic Roll-up Screen For Smartphones

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Samsung’s attempt to launch the Galaxy Fold may not go as planned, but the South Korean firm continues to dream big when it comes to an innovative design of smartphones. Recently, the company registered a patent for a rolling smartphone screen.

The images inside the patent do not show exactly what one might expect until seeing the words ‘Rollable display‘. Instead of rolling up the entire device like a newspaper, the mechanism is reminiscent of the styles of sliding phones.

There is a place for the screen to be screwed into the body of the phone, and the screen can be unrolled to lengthen it as the two pieces of the device separate from each other. It is not clear whether the screen can be unrolled or expanded manually, or if it would be done automatically.

Surprisingly, it does not seem so impractical. The upper part contains the usual things expected in a phone, such as the front camera and the headset. Despite how thick it seems compared to the average smartphone. when the screen is rolled up inside, it seems that it would be a very easy device to carry in your pocket.

According to The Verge, It takes a few years to see this type of rolling screen technology on a smartphone. But, LG plans to launch a roll-up OLED screen television this year and Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, is already working on flexible glass for smartphones.

Do you think that a design like this is a good compromise for those who want a large screen, but also a compact device? Tell us what you think of Samsung’s idea in the comments below.

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