Samsung Partners With AMD to Bring Radeon Graphics to Smartphones

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The demands out of smartphones are increasing day by day and the rendering graphics is an important factor in it. Nowadays every week a big game hits Android frequently. As a result, to give the users with best graphical gaming experience, Samsung has announced a partnership with AMD to bring Radeon Graphics to its future smartphones.

“We will be entering into a “multi-year strategic partnership” with computing giant AMD to develop and manufacture mobile graphics chipsets for Samsung smartphones.”, announced Samsung. Through this partnership deal, AMD will be licensing its graphics technology to Samsung for use in its future mobile chips. For this, Samsung will pay to AMD to use its newly developed RDNA graphics architecture and is expected to build it into its own ARM-based Exynos processors.

“Adoption of our Radeon graphics technologies across the PC, game console, cloud and HPC markets has grown significantly and we are thrilled to now partner with industry leader Samsung to accelerate graphics innovation in the mobile market. This strategic partnership will extend the reach of our high-performance Radeon graphics into the mobile market, significantly expanding the Radeon user base and development ecosystem,” AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su said in a statement

AMD’s Radeon Graphic Architecture is currently utilized with great success in PCs and gaming consoles. This will be licensed to Samsung for use in mobile devices, including smartphones, and other products that complement AMD product offerings. This partnership promises to bring ultra-low power, high-performance” graphics technologies to smartphones. This technology is currently being used in popular gaming consoles like  PS4 and Xbox One, and will also be used in Google’s upcoming cloud gaming service Stadia.

The Radeon Architecture brings “ultra-low power and high performance”. This means that the successful integration of this technology in the smartphone will allow more powerful graphics processing with less demand on power consumption. As a result, we will soon see more affordable handsets with great graphics capabilities. We can also see premium flagship smartphones will manage to run more intensive and demanding games without overheating of the highly powered battery.

The details of AMD’s partnership are limited and the press release says “AMD will license custom graphics IP based on the recently announced, highly-scalable RDNA graphics architecture to Samsung for use in mobile devices, including smartphones, and other products.” This clearly means that any smartphone having Radeon-based graphics will likely have “Powered by Radeon” sticker on the back of the phone.

AMD’s RDNA architecture will be most probably replace the ARM-designed Mali GPUs that Samsung currently uses in its Exynos chips. This clearly indicated that not every country will get this technology because Samsung releases smartphones in different countries with a different chipset. The technology will be a great improvement to the gaming experience in future devices. However, no official plans for specific products have been released. But it is expected that in the coming future, Samsung will soon launch  Radeon-powered GPU devices which will consume ultra-low power and will give high performance. Till then we will have to wait for the official news to come from the company.

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