Samsung Is Already Working On Galaxy Fold 2: Patent Leaks

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Galaxy Fold 2

In the spring of this year, Samsung presented its first smartphone with a foldable screen, namely Galaxy Fold. Unfortunately, it has been delayed many times due to screen problems. Despite that, the Korean giant continues to work on its successor and registered a patent that shows how the Galaxy Fold 2 would be. Since it coincides with the rumors and leaks that come from South Korea.

Galaxy Fold 2 Outlook

The biggest change of this patent phone is that it will bend on its smaller side, making it much smaller when the terminal is closed. It is expected that it has a diagonal of 6.7 inches but closed would occupy half, or almost. Because the hinge system would be much larger and could be folded in several parts, making it more unlikely that a wrinkle appears on the screen.

Back Fold Mechanism

Galaxy Fold 2

Another feature of this model is that the screen would be placed on the external side, not on the internal side, as the new Motorola Razr is expected to have. But we could also fold it inwards, protecting the screen.

Inside, it is assumed to have four cameras, probably the same as the Samsung Galaxy S11, and that it would coincide in operation with those of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. However, this is an assumption based on what we have seen in Note 10 and expected for S11.

This patent indicates a functionality, not a design. So it is all the rumors made by Lets Go Digital as guidance, not as a final filtration of this model. It is expected to begin mass production in November this year and be announced in spring 2020.

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