Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Dedicated Night Mode with April Security Update

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Smartphone brands have started to up their low light photography game since last few years. Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Huawei’s P30 Pro are one of the best devices for low light photography with dedicated night mode.  Other manufacturers including LG, Honor, etc. also have dedicated low light mode for photos. Now Samsung has also joined the party with their latest April security patch. The April security patch brings the dedicated low light mode for Samsung Galaxy S10 device along with security updates.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Normally the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices have the ‘Bright Night’ feature. This feature turns on automatically when it recognizes a low light scenario. However, the feature only works in places where the light is equal to or less than 1 lux. That is almost the same amount of light one would get from a candle which is one meter away. Basically, there’s no option to manually trigger Bright Night.

In the new update, Bright Night on Samsung Galaxy S10 will get a new tab in the photos app called ‘Night’. Moving to this tab will trigger the Bright Night feature and it will enhance the photos for low light scenarios. This will be pretty handy as users will now be able to use it manually if they want to.

While selecting night mode on Samsung Galaxy S10, users get the notification to hold the phone steady. It looks like the app then takes multiple shots of the scene and stacks them together to create one single well lit photo. Though this is a good addition it is also worth noting that there’s not much change in the performance of bright night feature. The bright night is still a bit behind than Google’s Night Sight. Though there’s hope that Samsung might be working on it to improve its low light performance.

The night mode is coming with Samsung’s latest April Security patch. The update is currently rolling out in Switzerland over the air. It is expected that it will be rolling out globally in the coming days. Let us know in the comments if you have received the update.

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