Samsung Galaxy Fold Sample Retrieval Said to be in Progress

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Multiple cases of Samsung Galaxy fold broken screens are reported, so Samsung electronics retrieving the Samsung Galaxy fold samples which were distributed to the reviewers. Schedule to launch the device in the US is on 26th April, but the Korean giant needed to retrieve all the sample devices from the reviewers due to the disappointment of broken Screens. It is also reported that after using the Samsung Galaxy fold for a day or so, the screen of the device starts blinking and even breaks or bulges after frequent usage.

After the reported effects on the Samsung Galaxy fold, the started an investigation on international review basis on the Hinges which were used in the device. Although after the complete review there were no defects found and the supplier of the Hinges does not comment in this matter. Korean giant Samsung released an internal video in the month of March, the video shows the robot hands folding the Samsung Galaxy fold more than 2,00,000 times for showing the durability of the device.

According to the Dj Koh, IT and mobile communications head of Samsung, the future of the smartphones are the foldable devices which are first introduced by the Samsung Galaxy series. Few of the reviews mistakenly peeled off the top layer film by mistake as the disposable screen protectors which are available in most of the smartphone devices. One of the Samsung employees also said that it is a good thing for the issue to appear before the release of the Samsung Galaxy folder wise as they can fix the issue before they have sold it to the massive audience on the various markets.

Although a large number of users have also pre-booked the Samsung Galaxy fold device, show the company send those users the email notifying about the delay of the shipping and they will provide the further information about the shipping date within the two weeks of the sent email. For any other information about Samsung Galaxy Fold, keep visiting MyFirstAndroid and also let us know your view about it in the comment section below.

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