Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Ready To Launch In September Month

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to go out in September. After facing several foldable screen problems, now Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready for sale. The release of the device was postponed several times, meanwhile, the media and review partners had highlighted how the screen was easily subject to swelling, deformation, and breakage.

Now the company has assured that all the problems have been solved, and several improvements have been “made” to make the screen stronger. With a price tag of $2000, the Galaxy Fold represents one of the most expensive smartphones in existence. The South Korean company has announced that it has made “necessary improvements” to the device and performed a series of “rigorous tests“.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

In particular, in addition to the optimization of the design, the area of ​​the telephone hinge was “strengthened”. This made the strength of the smartphone as a weak point. However, Samsung has specified that it has extended the upper protective layer so as to make it clearer to users that the film should not be removed.

Right now, the company has not yet specified the first exit markets in September, nor mentioned a specific date. What is certain is that the first reviews on Galaxy Fold of last April represented a serious setback for Samsung. Since then the company has worked to regain the trust of customers.

It must be said that many consumers might be reluctant to buy the Galaxy Fold, said by Will Wong. It is also specified that the influence on Samsung’s reputation or market position is unlikely. In its rival, Huawei is working on a folding smartphone Mate X, is already scheduled for September. In this case, the Chinese tech giant showed great caution, postponing the exit for three months to allow further testing.

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