Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Official Renders Came Out With Live Images

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung became the first company to market foldable smartphones and Galaxy Fold is the best example. To grab this market, Xiaomi and Huawei are developing the most affordable folding mobiles. In the meantime, Samsung won’t stop working on other designs including a Moto Razr style shell model.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Today, slashleaks revealed clear evidence on shell type folding device. Nearly five prototype images leaked out that reveals the mechanism and design. During the Samsung Developers Conference of 2018, the company itself showed a terminal of these characteristics in a short video. Although it never got to clarify whether it was a real prototype or a conceptual design.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will look like classic clamshells, but its main display will be foldable. Top in the center is the front camera, like the flagships of the Galaxy Note 10 series. On the external surface, there is a mini-screen that will be located to display the time, date and battery charge. This display area is much smaller than that of a similar Motorola RAZR form factor.

This clamshell is fully consistent with the official concept of Samsung, which was demonstrated at the developer’s conference. However, Galaxy Fold 2 can be introduced in February along with the new flagship Galaxy S11.

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