Pokémon Go Banned In Some Xiaomi Smartphones For No Reason

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Reddit user namely, Semiliranda launched a thread on a new issue with the popular game Pokémon Go. In the comments gathered players dissatisfied with the ban system. They began to block their accounts not for breaking the rules, but for the model of smartphone they use.

It seems that the built-in anti-fraud system perceives some component of MIUI as a threat. And it issues a warning with a suspension from the game for 30 days – and then a permanent ban. There is an assumption that this applies only to certain models (for example, Redmi Note 5 is often mentioned in the comments). But this has not yet been confirmed.

Pokemon Go Banned

It is reported that the problems began with smartphones with firmware 10.3.2, but it is not yet clear whether there is only a problem in it. Niantic, the creators of the application, has not yet commented on the situation.

If you continue to play Pokémon Go from your Xiaomi smartphone, we recommend that you do not upgrade to the latest firmware yet. And if you want to play the game on the bigger screen, then you must try playing Pokemon Go PC 2020 on your laptop or computer. It would mostly solve the issue and moreover, playing it on PC gives you amazing gaming experience. Most likely, the problem will be fixed in one of the following versions of the application. It is unclear whether access to the accounts of those who have already been blocked will be returned.

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