Oppo Show off their Under-Display Selfie Camera

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In 2019, every smartphone company has come with creative ways to avoid the front camera notch or hole, with the pop-up camera being an increasingly common option amongst Chinese phones. The concept of the flip camera has also been introduced in the recent Asus Zenfone 6 model. But these all are mechanical components that have the tendency to break down or get damaged while using. To avoid such damage, Oppo has come up with a non-mechanical solution for the front cameras. Oppo has introduced an under-display selfie camera. In its latest video, it teased everyone with its under-display selfie camera.

The notch display was first introduced on iPhone X by Apple, including a front-facing camera, Face ID, and other sensors in the display cutout. This concept of notch display was widely accepted by other smartphone manufacturing company as well. Since then many other smartphones like Oneplus 7 Pro, Asus Zenfone 6, Oppo Reno brought different designs for the selfie camera. But again a new designing concept for the selfie camera has been introduced in the market by Oppo.

Oppo VP Brian Shen shared a short clip of a notch-free prototype smartphone lying on a desk. As soon as the camera app was launched, despite the lack of a visible front-facing camera, the screen still seemingly showed a live view of the room’s ceiling. To demonstrate the under-display selfie camera, the demonstrator hovered a finger over where the camera is supposedly hidden.

The concept of the under-display camera is similar to the idea of the in-display fingerprint sensor. The optical fingerprint sensors are embedded in some smartphone displays similarly the lens of the front camera are embedded into the display which appears to be normal display while running other applications. But when you’re taking a photo with this phone, the section of display over the camera becomes transparent, allowing light to pass as shown in the figure.

Just after Oppo releasing the teaser of its new under-display selfie camera, after some time the popular Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi released a short video in which it also showed off the under-display technology.  Xiaomi President, Lin Bin, said that its prototype phone uses special low-reflectivity glass as well. These demo videos are of low quality, so it’s hard to see how well the cameras perform. This is just a prototype of new technology. There are no official words from the company about the actual implementation of the concept in any of the coming smartphone.

According to Oppo, it seems like it will take time to match the quality of the exposed camera. There are no words yet that when we might see this technology on an actual smartphone. But it seems like next year few companies will launch new devices with the under-display technology. It is also expected that when the technology will get mature, we might see this concept in global smartphone brands like Samsung, Apple, and many other smartphone companies. At present, get used to the notch, pop-up, and flip camera.

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