Oppo Patents A Foldable Device Similar To Asus Padfone

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oppo foldable device

In 2012, Asus launched Its First Padfone device that allows people to convert smartphones into tablets. Now the same concept seems to come back in the new OPPO patent, which also adds a touch of 2019. Make sure, the device has a foldable screen.

In April, the company filed a patent with WIPO for a “Mobile terminal “. This patent, which describes a very special accessory, was approved on October 31st.

The accessory is conceptually very simple. The device has a special compartment with a foldable screen dock. When the smartphone is inserted in the compartment, it connects and the display appears. One could then use the “tablet” as a big screen to watch videos, give presentations and much more.

oppo foldable device

If this were not enough, OPPO would also include a processor and a battery in the tablet. In this way, the device could be completely independent. It also includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC features. In short, it is a real flexible tablet with a compartment to amplify the screen of our smartphone.

For now, it is only a patent. But we can assure that OPPO is experimenting with the concept of foldable screens. We will see if this OPPO “slave” folding tablet ends up being a reality or not.

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