Now Create 3D Filters On Instagram: Thanks To Spark AR Studio

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Instagram 3D filters and AR effects

To fulfill the promise, Facebook has just expanded its Spark AR Studio platform to the public beta phase. Now, everyone can get access to develop and upload their own AR effects for both Facebook and Instagram.

Spark AR Studio is a tool to design masks for both Instagram and Facebook stories. With this, AR creators are able to create own filters through the replicated mask feature, which is provided by an option just below the username of a temporary story.

During the closed beta phase of Spark AR Studio, it has been limited to a few creators selected by the platform. Now, the limitation is made universal. In addition, to increase in filters, Facebook is also introducing the “Effects Gallery” section on Instagram. It will allow users to search and select the Augmented Reality effects they wish and can apply to their own Stories.

To do this, one has to look at the option “Examine effects” at the end of the effects that are available in the Camera function of the application. Facebook reported that one billion people have already used AR effects and filters developed through Spark AR technology. Also, these are already used in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger platforms, and all the Portal smart screens.

Just remember that Spark AR Studio began to be available for Windows systems since last April, being previously available only for macOS systems. Hopefully, with these movements, the number of Augmented Reality effects for Instagram will grow in the coming days.

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