Now Android 10 Is Official With Complete News And Features

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Android 10 latest news

Since five months, we’ve been getting updates on the latest Android Q Beta version. Now, the official Android 10 website has been launched. Here, we brought you the complete news on official Android 10.

First of all, though Android 10 is made official, the installation images have not yet been published. So we have to wait for an update. In addition, the update is done progressively and most brands will take several weeks and even months to receive. The first phones to have Android Q will be the Pixels of Google. We assume that the rest of the manufacturers will publish their official calendar of updates in the coming days.

Android 10 latest news

On-Time Subtitles: Now Android 10 will automatically generate subtitles of videos, podcasts and audio messages without any internet connection.

Smart answers: Android 10 is able to suggest reply messages based on your actions. For example, if a friend invites you to dinner, the phone itself suggests that you send a text message and shows you directions directly on Google Maps.

Sound amplifier: With Sound Amplifier, the phone is able to increase the sound, filter the background noise and adjust the audio so that we can hear it better. It is very useful when listening to podcasts, watching videos or talking in an area with a lot of noise.

Gesture navigation: The gestures in Android 10 are faster and more intuitive. So, it makes users more fluid and smooth way to use.

Dark Theme: Finally, full-pledged dark mode arrives in Android 10 with “true black” interface. Ofcourse, it may increase battery backup. Moreover, users can also enjoy all Google apps in dark mode.

Support Foldable phones: Google has optimized its operating system with new features especially for foldable smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X. Make sure, it also supports 5G technology.

Privacy Control: With the issue of privacy, Google has put more focus on smart controls. This new feature allows a user to manage and control all the data shared and more easily can adjust all the privacy settings.

Family Link and Focus mode are two more news mainly feature Android 10. Meanwhile, you can visit the Android 10 official website and can find much more details. If you want to enjoy the latest version of Android, check out the list of devices compatible with the latest Android version. Pretty sure, Google aims to update all the terminals with Android 10 within 6 months.

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