Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

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HMD Global brought back the Nokia brand with various new Android smartphones. Although there are very few limited Nokia Android phone accessories are available in the market. The most demanding headphone in the market is currently the wireless earphones, Apple have already brought the AirPods but it is not considered as True Wireless Earphones. Recently HMD Global launched the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, it is basically the best wireless your birds we have seen in ages.

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds basically become invisible when it is inserted into the ear, it does not look like the headphones with wires cut out just like Apple Earbuds or anything else. Nokia True Wireless Earbuds is having the model number BH-705 and it is priced at ₹9,999. The important factor about the Nokia True Wireless Earbud is, it easily supports any Android smartphone you are currently using. Even if you are not using any Nokia smartphone, you can easily connect the Earbuds using the Bluetooth pairing connection.

nokia true wireless earbuds review

It is easy to connect Nokia Earbuds with any compatible device by just using Bluetooth. The box of the product includes the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, the cylindrical charging case, a USB Type-C charging cable, two extra pairs of silicone ear tips, and instruction manuals.

It is easy to use and has more than average battery life in case you constantly use the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds throughout the day. It is considered as the best choice compared to all the recently launched Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds. Nokia true wireless earbuds are made of metal and plastic on the inside with very comfortable rubber earbuds which cakes attached to the ear.


nokia true wireless earbuds review 2

The charging case of the Nokia true wireless earbuds is quite unique, you just need to attach the Earbuds in their respective compartment into the cylindrical box, can attach the USB charger with that box to any power outlet for charging the Earbuds. The sound quality is rather excellent compared to any other wireless earphones available in the market. As most of the users are not having iPhones, so definitely Nokia True Wireless Earbuds is the better option for the Android smartphone users.

Being the earbuds of small size and low weight has made this earphone more popular and comfortable for the users. We highly recommend this product to our readers. What are your thoughts about Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, let us know in the comment section below.


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