Microsoft Merge Word, Excel And Power Point In One Application

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Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft launched a new Office app with a series of changes focused to improve user experience. One of the main features is that we no longer need to use Excel, Word or PowerPoint independently, but we will have the entire suite in one application.

This new application will not only save your time but also help you to reduce smartphone storage. Once you install the app (in beta) and log in, all the contents of your Excel, Word and PowerPoint account will be synchronized.

You just have to scroll from one tool to another as if they were tabs from the Home page to view your projects independently. Both Excel, Word, and PowerPoint will continue to have the same functions.

Also, the app comes with some improvements promised by Microsoft. For example, those that allow us to create content from the images taken with the mobile camera. Following this feature, you can take a photo of a document or a table and create a Word file or an editable table in Excel.

If you want to try this new Office app on Android you just have to access the public beta by following the steps detailed in this link. And as for iOS, it is also in beta, but there are no more seats available.


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