Is It Essential 2 Smartphone: Andy Rubin Showed Up Something Incredible

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Android Essential Phone 2

For you, the above-featured image will definitely shock you because of its unusual design. The following images are officially released by Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android via Twitter page. It looks like a smartphone with a strange vertical design and in striking colors. Here we got detailed info about this device.

Technically it is a mobile, still in the initial stages of testing and is called Project GEM. Andy Rubin nor Essential has just shared some pictures of its interface and design. Based on the photos, it doesn’t look much taller than a cell phone today, but instead, it is visibly narrower.

In the first publication, Andy Rubin posted the smartphone with various gradient colors. The front of the device confirms that it is a smartphone with a new user interface. One can find a map application that does not look like Google Maps. While, in the second image, one can see apps like Spotify, Uber, Phone, and Messages in a boxed frame. It is clear that it is a smartphone-based on Android. Now, the interface is tremendously modified to adapt to this form, especially in the application launcher.

On the back, there is a single rear camera next to an LED flash and a fingerprint sensor below the photographic sensor. Now, in the front, there is a camera located in the upper left corner. Although it is a new UI, it is believed that the firm may still be based on Android OS.

It remains to be seen as Essential Phone 2, a conceptual mobile or something totally different. Pretty sure, it is clear that Andy Rubin wanted to get our attention. Anyhow, let us see what they show up in the coming days.

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