Instagram Reels: New Video Editing Feature Copied By Instagram

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Instagram Reels

Instagram does not stop cloning the features of other apps. First, they followed Snapchat stories, and now following TikTok. We all know that TikTok reaches a milestone of 1000 Million Downloads. In order to fight against Chinese Tiktok, Instagram planning to copy a video-music remix feature.

Instagram Reels, a feature that allows us to make 15-second video clips with music and share them as Stories, appearing in a Top Reels section of Explore. The main objective is to make a soundtrack using a large music catalog to create a remix and upload it with our name. Right now, the feature is only available in Brazil, where instead of Reels it is called Dinners. More often, Instagram directly competing with the characteristics of TikTok. Check out the feature shown by TC on video:

Instagram says that sharing videos with music is a fairly universal idea, and they believe they have given it their own personality. So, they don’t have to compare themselves to TikTok, something that will be hard not to do.

Why Instagram Reels Tested In Brazil?

Brazil has a large number of Instagram users on Instagram. Also, it is a deeply musical country and has a thriving community of creators. So, this is the reason why they adopt this new possibility.

Reels is on Instagram Stories, along with Boomerang and Super-Zoom. We can record in silence, upload audio of another video that is when searching for hashtags or Explores or search the Facebook music collection. Users can choose the part of the song they want and then they can record or upload several video clips. Once edited, with subtitles scene by scene and different transitions, we can share in the story, close friends or send it as a message.

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