Instagram Link Not Allowed Error – How To Fix

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Social Media is the most exceptional platform to reach-out to your loved ones and your audience, with only one tap. It helps in sharing information effortlessly. A great way to do is to add links to your posts and attract a considerable amount of audience. But it! Instagram is way smart than you think. And is considered about its audience, users, and their security too.

When Instagram independently came into the app market, it gained an audience within a short period, due to its easy-to-use user interface. But it did not give special attention to add up to its security system. This resulted in a drastic fall in Instagram’s users. But when Facebook, its greatest rival, came into play and owned rights on Instagram, they took the level of security to a whole new level. And Instagram got its audience back.

However, all these times, Instagram contained a security feature that annoys users to date, the “Link not allowed” message. This message shows up when you try to put up a link in your story or bio, and the Link seems suspicious. Yes, Instagram blocks the addition of links if they look suspicious. There can be cases when your Instagram links necessarily look suspicious, and Link not allowed on Instagram will popup.

Instagram Link Not Allowed Error – How To Fix

Instagram Link Not Allowed Error

Let’s dive deep into the topic without wasting any time and see how to fix link not working on Instagram error.

What links can be blocked by Instagram? Instagram Link Not Allowed Error

Some of the cases have been mentioned below. You need to ensure that your Link doesn’t include any or all of them, else Link not allowed appears again. So here we go:

  • Shortened links such as GPLinks, mega, and are not allowed to use in your Instagram bio or feed.
  • Links to explicit, censored, and adult sites are not allowed.
  • If the Link appears to be in use in several accounts, then it is not allowed.
  • Fake URLs will be blocked.
  • Affiliate links will be blocked.
  • Links may be blocked, or account can get banned due to plagiarism.
  • Links to your other social media accounts (not owned by Facebook) are not allowed.
  • Links to abusive, religious, hate speech, and all other illegal activities are not allowed.
  • Don’t use a shoppable link if you aren’t verified as an authorized seller.

If you do not bother minding my words here, you might come across this Link not allowed message.

Why Link not allowed message pops up?

Well, the answer to Link not allowed is straightforward. All these activities will attract lawsuits and can potentially increase violence between people. They may start calling names in your posts, spam your inbox, and may also unnecessarily get you banned. So, to stop people from causing intended harm, Instagram took this significant step to block people from adding certain links. and Link not allowed the message pops up.

[Warning: I am providing solutions so that you do not get your account banned. If you do use a third-party app like Link-tree, it might not be allowed anymore, and you might notice that Instagram Link not allowed messages are there again. These Link not allowed messages are a security level thing, so do not play with it.]

How To Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error

Obviously, yes, every problem has a solution. But not every solution is easy to get through. We have a few steps to let you know that how you can create an escape plan from this weird problem of “Link not allowed on Instagram” message. Or should I say popup? Both are annoying!

While there is a bunch of solution for Instagram web users, there are only a few for mobile users. We shall talk about web version users first.

What should you do if the problem lies in your machine?

Change your IP address.

Much of the problem of the “Link not allowed” message can be solved using this step only. For PC users, it’s not the same as for mobile phone users. Restarting your WIFI usually solves the problem.

Reset your modem

Every router has a pinhole that contains a switch. To access the switch, push a pin inside its reset pinhole, it reset the modem, and you need to reconfigure it. Make a new PPPoE connection, log in to your Instagram account. You might notice that Links not allowed messages are gone.

Renew your IP (Internet Protocol) Configuration

Overcome “Link not allowed” messages by pressing “Windows + X” keys to, and a bunch of features appears. Select Command Prompt (Admin). Type “ipconfig/release and hit Enter to release your current IP address. Type “ipconfig/renew and hit Enter to get a new IP address.

For Mobile Phone/Data Users

Turn on Airplane mode on your smartphone and turn it off after 5-6 minutes. Wait for the network to be restored completely. You have successfully changed your IP address, and this should fix the problem.

What to do if the problem isn’t in your machine?

Edit your Instagram bio

Make sure your Instagram bio isn’t messy or spammy. If it looks like one, edit it immediately. Remove the Link from your bio, and this problem might get sucked into nothingness. You got the Link not allowed message, so, get sleep a good nights’ sleep.

Use the incognito mode feature in a browser.

This method will securely conceal you from your ISP and also hide your IP address. Incognito mode doesn’t allow the website to track the users or collect personal data, so they cannot show this. You might notice that Link not allowed on Instagram messages are gone.

Use a VPN service.

As the word suggests, a VPN securely hides your IP address from everyone, and not even Instagram can track you. If you do not bother minding my words here, you might have come across this Link not allowed message.

It’s just an advanced level of Incognito mode.

Use the TOR browser.

The Onion Routing project can conceal your IP with 6-7 levels of security and is becomes outright impossible to track your location. If you cannot be followed, there is no reason Instagram can ban you. TOR is better than a VPN because it is free!

All these solutions will help in your process, but there can be barriers. The Link not allowed on Instagram message can again popup. You might have made a mistake, and you didn’t realize it’s you. You are adding a link that is inhumane or may not be valid anymore. You might notice that Links not allowed messages are gone.

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Do’s and Don’ts to bypass the “Instagram Link not allowed” problem safely.

  • Do check twice before you add a link, it may contain any spammy content.
  • Do not add pornographic or obscene links. Not that pornography is a crime, but you are forcing users to leave Instagram, and Instagram won’t like that.
  • Do not link hackable things or pen-testing sites on your bio. It’s illegal, and you might end up behind bars. (Link Not Allowed is not considered anymore if you are getting banned.)
  • Don’t post links on all your accounts at-a-time. Instagram tracks everything and can ban you for your spammy behavior.
  • Do not use Link-tree. Not only is it illegal, as per Instagram guidelines, but you are losing your self-promotion opportunity, thanks to this third-party app. Instead, make your website error-free and get it approved to make it fit for usage so that Link not allowed does not popup.

With all these solutions, I hope I was able to solve your problem of “Instagram Link not allowed” annoyance.

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