Instagram Lauches Its Own Messaging Platform Called Threads

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Instagram has finally launched its own messaging application called Threads. In one word, Threads allow you to send messages with our closest circle of friends in a dedicated and private space. It is similar to Close friend’s feature on Instagram.

Share With Close Friends

Instagram Threads allow users to share photos, videos, messages, stories and more with their close friends. Once the user opens the app, the camera function will appear first, with which you can capture photos or videos and can share it with your close friends.

Instagram Threads

Automatic states

Threads offer new Automatic status feature. With this feature, one can manually or automatically share if we are at home, on the beach, in the mountains, in the gym, with low battery, etc … It will share small fragments based on the location in which they are located, without revealing the location coordinates. Make sure, this function is optional to users.

Chats Appear In Both Platforms

Instagram reports that the user chats will be shown on both Instagram Direct and Threads. The company allows us to choose how to interact with our contacts. In fact, Facebook tested this app with its own family of employees. Today, the application is globally deployed. But, it takes time to reach all the users. If you have Android you can manually install the Threads APK.

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