Instagram Direct Messages Are Coming To Web Version

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Instagram Direct messages

Instagram users are now able to send direct messages from the web version without any app installation. Direct messages from Instagram Web will have a similar interface to WhatsApp Web.

The interface is very similar to WhatsApp on the Web. Since on the left side, you can see all the conversations, and on the right side of the screen, you will see the conversation. Facebook Messenger has a similar structure on the Web with the difference of its right column that shows more detailed information of the user.

Instagram Direct messages

What you can do with Instagram on the Web

  • Can see the direct message tray, create a new message and a group chat.
  • View the total unread messages from an icon that will be placed in the header.
  • Currently, you can see the stories from the Instagram web experience, but it is until now that users can answer the stories from the computer.
  • Send photos from the computer.
  • Double click on the messages to like them, just as you can in the mobile version.
  • Send messages to people from their Instagram profiles.
  • Share posts from your feed via direct message.

This feature was discovered in October by a well-known leakster Jane Manchun on Twitter. However, it had not been confirmed by Instagram. According to the social network, the feature will be available only for a few global users. However, it did not specify how many users will receive the testing phase of this function and also did not indicate how long it will take to reach the rest of the users.

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