IBM Patents A Smartwatch That Transforms Into A Tablet

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We have already seen foldable smartphones that turn into a tablet, what else if a watch does the same? Wow…It seems impossible. In fact, it is not real yet, but IBM has already presented the patent with the idea.

According to LetsGoDigital, it was reported that IBM has successfully patented a smartwatch that physically transforms into a phone or tablet mounted on the wrist. The original patent shows a smartwatch with a high screen with invisible hinges, able to show the time and weather, as well as some applications. At some point, the screen is displayed in four panels, showing nine application icons, a search bar on the Internet and an extended area of ​​weather and climate.

It can still be expanded further, reaching eight panels with 16 icons, a news source, a search bar and information about weather and weather similar to a tablet, as the concept of the superior image shows. The idea is to expand the screen using a system capable of recognizing and using the larger screen size as additional panels slide, such as a table with folding extenders.

Reddit reported that IBM rewarded employees for patenting “different” things, so it is very possible that the idea is only on paper and someone has taken a prize home for the idea of ​​the table clock. But that is a striking idea, of that there is no doubt.

If Samsung and Huawei are having trouble putting their folding phones on the market, imagine what could happen with a clock full of hinges to display 8 panels.

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