Huawei Launches HMS Core, An Alternative To Google Play Services

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Huawei HMS Core

Huawei is working hard to close the void created by the lack of Google Mobile Services (GMS) on its smartphones. According to this source linked to Huawei, the Chinese giant is on custom applications and services that can replace GMS on devices.

It is all known that Huawei Mate 30 Pro hits the market independently from Google. Now, Huawei is thinking much even bigger. The upcoming Huawei smartphones are missing Google Play Services. It is a collection of APIs to perform various tasks such as geolocation, login, payments, real-time notifications or show ads.

Huawei HMS

This is precisely what Huawei is building in the form of its Huawei Mobile Services or HMS. It is an alternative to Google services that was born as an extension of the different services that the company already had. Huawei already had its user accounts, payment system, and even an app store. These are enough for Huawei to work without Google in the Chinese market.

Huawei HMS Core

Adapting an application to use Huawei services instead of Google is an expensive process. In fact, Huawei is investing $ 1 billion in the process and offering incentives of up to $ 17,000 to integrate HMS. However, these initiatives aim to attract many developers to Huawei AppGallery. So this is having a big expression, especially in India. However, the applications developed in this country will also serve Europe and other global markets.

Huawei currently has one million registered developers for HMS developments globally. Though HMS is still a Work in progress, with the publication of the SDK 4.0 Beta, it begins to take shape beyond the theoretical aspect.

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