How To Use Snapchat on Android Smartphone & Tablet

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How To Use Snapchat on Android Smartphone & Tablet? Well, do you know Snapchat is developed by and released in the year 2011 quickly became every millennial’s favourite social media app now boasting 178 million active users. Snapchat grasped the attention of the teenagers due to its unique feature whereby the videos or the pictures that you send to your friends self-destruct after they have been viewed. This was a new and thrilling thing for teenagers, and it continues to be so. As Facebook sees a decrease in the number of teenage users, Snapchat continues to be the reigning queen.

The app brought in the now-famous feature Stories. Stories were introduced by Snapchat; then it was copied by Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and now even YouTube. With its recent redesign, now the app allows you to see the posts of the brands that you follow unabashedly. So it is now a selfie taker, instant messenger and also a news source, all rolled into one.

How To Use Snapchat?

how to use snapchat

If you have recently become interested in navigating this Snapchat’s maze full of stories, snaps, bitmoji and streaks, then read on to find out more. This article is dedicated to helping you transform from Snapchat novice to an apprentice.

Download the app and add friends

The very first step is to download the app from the app store. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. Currently, it is only available to be used on mobile phones. After you have downloaded the app, sign up for a Snapchat account. You will be asked to choose a username, and choose it wisely because you will not have a second chance once you hit the Okay button. Next, you will be given the option to add friends manually or let Snapchat go through your contacts and find the ones already on Snapchat. Once you have added your friends, you are ready to send snaps.

A-Z of snaps and Snapchat stories

Snapchat automatically opens to the camera page. Click the shutter button to take a snap. To make a short video press and hold the shutter button. To add face filters (the infamous dog filter), tap on the screen, Snapchat will automatically map your face, and you will see the many different augmented reality filters, which is a fancy name for face filters. Swipe through these filters to choose the one you like best. You will also find many 3D animation videos which you can use to create short funny animated videos. Once you take a photo or make a video, you have created a snap. Additionally, you can add other basic filters like black and white, glow etc. and Geofilters, which shows filters according to your location. You can add these filters by swiping left or right.

Now you can send the snap to your friends or add to your story by clicking the blue button on the bottom right. You can also download the photo and add it to your memories to post it later. The snaps you add to your story can also be downloaded and added to memories.

The snaps you send to your friend can only be viewed once and if not opened for days will automatically expire. If he or she takes a screenshot of your snap, you will receive a notification. For snaps shared to stories, they can be viewed as many times as one wants for 24 hours. You can see the people who have viewed your story. The default setting is Friends, but you can make your stories Public by changing Who Can in Settings.

To view your memories go to the camera and click the memories option below the shutter button.

If you exchange snaps consecutively for many days with your friend and keep it up, you will be creating a Snapstreak, and you will become ‘Best Friends’.

Other fun things that you can do to your snap

Draw and Text – You can add funny drawings to your snap or stamp emojis all over your snap. Pinch the screen to adjust your brush’s thickness. You can also choose the colour and font of your text and add it to your snaps and videos. Drag the text around to add it to the exact spot.

Stickers – Snapchat allows you to add stickers to your videos and snaps. You can also add customised stickers to personalise your snap. To create custom sticker click the scissor option on the right of the snap. Alternatively, you can also create your Bitmoji and add them to Snapchat.

Gif – You search and add Gifs from GIPHY.

Times – You can adjust the time before your snap expires.

Links – Allows you to add links to your snaps easily.

Discover, Snap Maps and more

With the redesign of Snapchat in 2017, Snapchat added more features to the excitement of its million users.

Discover – To access the Discover page, swipe left. Here you get to see the posts of celebrities and brands, you follow.

Snap Map – The Snap Map shows you a map of all the Our Story snaps that are public, in real time. Tap these our story snaps to view all the snaps taken at concerts or other events and shared by the Snapchat users. If you do not want your friends to see your avatar on the snap map, turn the Ghost Mode on. By doing so, your location is kept private. To access the Snap Map click on the magnifying glass. Alternatively, you can also pinch inward to see the map.

Our Story – This feature of Snapchat collects all the snaps taken at popular events by snapchat users and shows them in one single story. These stories will be displayed during search results. Adding your snap to Our Story means you are choosing to share it publicly. Although, your username will be not displayed on the snaps. If you wish to delete a snap that you added to Our Story sometime back, you can do so by going to your settings and navigating your way to the Our Story Snaps. Find and delete the snap you added to Our Story.

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